Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring Break

This is a character I'm working on rigging in Flash right now. I wasn't too happy with the last rig I made for my Flash class last term (it was way too complicated for this program) so I'm going to try and rig this one by the end of the break.  My goal was to do something simple, and I took some inspiration from the that paper illustration I did. I think it was pretty successful... and a whole lot more fun than the last one was.

Now to the rigging :)

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Welcoming Spring Flowers

Today marks the end of a busy winter term for me, so I thought I'd get around to posting this. When Lee said we had to do collage, I was a little less than thrilled, but this ended up being a favorite of the entire term for me. When I started this, I was just trying to get a solid, simplified form, that looked animated. Thinking about that was a good practice for me so I want to try to do this again soon. 

This was done with cardstock, fabric, and a fake rose.

Also, a person that I looked to for inspiration is Brittney Lee, blog here. She's definitely worth a looksie if you haven't seen here stuff before. I will never have that kind of skill with paper.