Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Summer Term: Painting on Location

So highlights for the busy Summer term were Painting on Location and Conceptual Design. This was an interesting class because it's the first time I've painted with oils and they were interesting to get used to. Here's some of the painting on location work I liked more. 

Statue of Teddy Roosevelt at the Park Blocks

View from Pittock Mansion

Rock at Arcadia Beach

Riverfront Park in Salem, OR

View from Waterfront Park 

Painting of a Clothed Model


  1. these are very nice! i particularly like the Riverfront in Salem.

  2. These are gorgeous, Allyson! Looks like it was a productive class for you (and it makes me wish I'd stuck with my wish to paint with everyone). I'm fond of each painting, but the standouts to me are the Teddy Roosevelt statue, the view from the Pittock Mansion, and the Riverfront Park.

    Are you going to continue painting with oils when you're able to?